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Viritenz is a male enhancement, testosterone boosting and overall sexual performance supplement. It’s made for men of all ages who are looking to increase their libido, stamina, erection strength, and also aid lean muscle gain and reduced fat. It was rated as 2020's Top Male Enhancement Supplement by our expert team.

Arthur Berkowitz

“84% of male enhancement supplements selected for testing did not pass the quality test! Our team have compiled a list of what we have found to be the top five products in this category on the market today.”

The natural formula in this supplement has all-around effects for promoting sexual health. It’s also made to help support of blood flow, which leads to stronger and longer male performance. Their official website highlights many of the ingredients effects as well as what one can expect in terms of sexual function.

Viritenz was also our expert's best supplement for enhancing overall sexual function. Both testimonials and reviews from satisfied users highlighted its ability to work without the use of cheap fillers or stimulants. To visit Viritenz official website click on the link provided here.


  • Improves blood flow for firmer erections, increases hormone levels and libido, increases ejaculate volume and sperm count for added virility, contains all natural ingredients, has extremely low risk of side effects, many positive reviews.


  • Only available for online purchase from the manufacturers, not in stores.

Viritenz Review

Viritenz uses a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients which have unique benefits towards all aspects of male sexual health. So instead of focusing solely on blood flow, libido, or other aspects of sexuality individually, it may support a wide array of benefits.

Per serving they provide a 125 mg blend of ginseng, which is preferable as each strain of ginseng has its own unique benefits. 250 mg of a 0.6% extract of Maca is used, which is a potent amount of this plant. Also included are 250 mg of L-Arginine and 400 mg of Tongkat Ali, which are both in their optimal amounts.

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Other ingredients are added in a 745 mg proprietary blend, which helps to further maximize the supplements abilities.

Here's a closer inspection of some important ingredients added to Viritenz:

Catuaba Bark: An herb native to Brazil which has long been used as a way to increase libido and helps aid sexual enjoyment. It is likely to be safe when taken at controlled dosage strength.

Oyster Extract: Dehydrated oyster meat which is known to contain one of the highest sources of Zinc out of any food. Zinc is a healthy mineral which can naturally boost male performance production and libido. It also has rich amino acids and trace minerals.

Astralagus: Herb used in traditional Chinese medicine. It can help the body better deal with stress, which when not controlled can increase the risk for illness, and make it likely one will have mood disorders.


You can learn more about the ingredients found in Viritenz via the link provided here.


Nettle Herb Powder: Commonly known as stinging nettle, this plant has been used to help reduce inflammation, aid urine output, and help support healthy male health.

Pumpkin Seed Powder: Rich in zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and what known to create prostaglandins, which the body can use successfully to help aid overall sexual desire and health. This rich food source has many trace vitamins and minerals and can be used successfully as a safe ingredient for aiding sexual drive.

Maca: Long used plant native to Peru which has been used for its amino acids, fatty acids, and overall libido enhancing effects. This is likely to be safe in most people and it's commonly added to male enhancement pills due to the multiple studies which show it can provide reliable effects towards male sexuality.

Enhanced Libido

As men age there is a natural decline of libido and the main cause of this is low testosterone. Testosterone can help the body in many ways, but when it’s not acting as it should, it means you will likely lose your interest for sex.

It’s natural for men over 30 to notice a loss of testosterone, which naturally will decrease even further with age. The benefit of Viritenz is that the formula has natural aphrodisiacs which can boost sex drive in many different ways:

  • • Improve blood flow so it can pass through the genitals, leading to stronger and lasting erections.
  • • Stimulate testosterone which can affect the body in numerous ways, mainly increasing the desire for sex and overall vigor.
  • • Help relieve stress, which can help the body be better suited to remain stimulated during arousal.

This enhanced libido can also be sustained with the energy increasing ingredients added to Viritenz; they help make it easier to last longer in the bedroom.

You can learn more about the ingredients found in Viritenz via the link provided here.

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Muscle Building Benefits

When the hormone testosterone is working as it should, men feel more virile, less tired, and it becomes much easier to retain muscle. Losing testosterone is a major contributing reason as to why elderly mean tend to lose muscle becoming flabbier and weaker.

Viritenz helps to regulate testosterone so men can benefit in two major ways:

  • 1. They can last longer in the gym
  • 2. To make it easier to help not just create muscle, but keep it

So while at the gym men can help retain their gains and not have to fight against biology, hoping for muscle but having to put in twice the effort for much less progress than they would before.

Over time it’s natural to look for a solution that can stimulate testosterone but with so many ways in which this can go wrong, it’s often safer to look for a natural solution. A solution which can deliver benefits without any harsh or difficult to process drugs which end up causing a lot of trouble and hormonal imbalances.


The creators of Viritenz go by the name of Health Research Institute, and they are based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. An email, address, and phone number is provided with their hours of operation for direct calls. In researching them it’s clear they have not had any issues due to recalls, FDA warnings, customer related complications, or any sort of unwanted controversies. Their official website also goes over all of the common questions one may have, as well as an easy to understand explanation as to how all the ingredients are made to work.

They also list glowing testimonials from satisfied customers who noticed great improvements.


Viritenz was rated as the number one male enhancement and testosterone-boosting supplement due to its reliable formula, positive customer testimonials, ease of use, all-natural and stimulant free ingredients, reputable business practices, and much more.

This supplement emphasizes using exact dosage strengths and a wide array of beneficial ingredients which have been reviewed by 3rd parties for their ability to aid libido, sexual endurance, blood flow for better performance, and overall vitality.

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